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The license mentions that this is allowed for change or commercial use as long as I  allow someone else to do the same. So does that mean that I need to allow other people to do the same to my game, or is that just the asset itself if I change it, or something? Sorry if it's a weird question, I just want to know if I still own my game.

No problem, it's not a weird question. Licenses can definitely be confusing at times, and I'm sorry I didn't make this more clear in the description.

You do not have to apply this license to your game. You are free to use these fonts in any of your projects, and then continue to apply your own license to your creations. You are free to modify these fonts in any way you like & use them in any way you like. Using them in your projects does not mean you have to extend that same principal to your users. You 100% own your creations.

I hope that better explains things! Please let me know if you have any other questions (and good luck with your game!).

thank you! and i love your fonts!

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Doesn't seem to work for RPG Maker MV. :/

Had to use a plugin to force the load of the file. Works now.


Noice, I'm making a zombie game for halloween, looking forward on using this font :).


Neat! Feel free to share it here when you finish, I'd love to see it :)

Is it for use in the font sprites of consctruct 3? do the letters come out with the accents? is the background transparent?

> Is it for use in the font sprites of consctruct 3?

Not sure. I don't use Construct 3, so I don't have a lot of experience with their font sprite setup. However, these fonts come in .ttf (true type font) formats, which I don't think is what you use for font sprites. I found this article about how to convert .ttf fonts into sprite fonts, so you can check it out if you wanna do that:

> do the letters come out with the accents?

Not sure what you mean. What accents are you talking about?

> is the background transparent?

Since these are .ttf files, yes the backgrounds are technically transparent. It's just the letters & numbers.

Let me know if I can help out more :)


Goal reached! :P

haha thanks very much man, I appreciate it! Hope you enjoy the fonts! :^)

I noticed in your preview image, you show monospaced and non-mono versions. Does that mean there are 2 separate versions of each font? One version that is monospaced and another that has kerning data?

I'm thinking about purchasing these fonts, but I'd rather have a font with good kerning (non-mono) over monospaced.


Yup! There's 2 versions of each, a monospaced and non-monospaced version.

However, on the "spooky font" (the one inspired by Ghosts & Goblins), there's practically no difference between the 2 versions, due to how wide each individually character is.

Cool. Thanks for the clarification!

No problem, I hope the fonts workout for ya! :)